Maite Lanata plays the role of a young teenage girl called EMMA, who lives isolated from
the world in a farm with her father GATO, a very close friend of her dad called SOMBRA
(Dany Trejo), KIMANA and ANA.

Emma never went outside the farm and doesn´t know anyone else besides her family.
The few things she knows about the outside world come from journal sheets where the
groceries that her father bring from town are wrapped. Gato convinced her that she doesn´t
need to know anything else. However, Emma is very intelligent and curious about the world.
One day, she hides in the van that goes to town to see the Carnival that takes place there.
Mysteriously, before going back to the farm, she finds a mobile phone on the street.
She starts to experiment with the device, she makes a video and manages to upload it to the

Shortly after, she receives a message from CELIA, her mother, who never met before. Emma
runs away from home to meet Celia, just leaving a note to his father, with the word’ ’Liar’’.
Gato immediately realizes what happened and goes to look for her with Sombra.
Gato and Sombra undertake a trip to rescue Emma.

Who must they rescue her from?